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Feeding Schedules

When your baby is ready to go home we will suggest 1 of 2 methods appropriate for you & your puppy.

  1. Free feeding: Leaving food & water readily available for your puppy at all times. This is the most common suggestion for the first 3 days-1 week. Puppies sometimes lose their appetite when they’re transitioning to a new home and it is important they are given every opportunity to eat until you know they are comfortable eating. This does make potty training more difficult during this time since they go to the bathroom shortly after eating and drinking. Pay close attention to your pup and do not leave them unattended near carpet and rugs.
  2. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner/Breakfast & Dinner. For older, larger, or just plain chunky babies, we will suggest meals. Teacups or picky eaters will need to eat 3 times a day, while toys and miniatures can eat 2 meals a day. Potty training is much easier once your puppy is on a regular meal routine.


Extended Health Guarantee Available!

A 1 year health guarantee comes standard with all of our puppies.

An extended 2 year health guarantee is granted to pups who remain on the Life’s Abundance food brand.

An extended 3 year health guarantee is granted to pups who remain on the Life’s Abundance food and vitamins, as well as the one time purchase of the All Stage Healthy Start Pack (Size LARGE).

When ordering through our link, Life’s Abundance keeps us notified of your pups continued food/vitamin usage. Please make sure to use our link in order to keep your extended health guarantee valid (orders through the generic Life’s Abundance website will not qualify you for continued coverage past the standard 1 year).


Life’s Abundance offers discounts for setting up auto shipment! During the first year you will need to experiment with how often you need food to be delivered as your new baby is growing! Auto shipment can easily be canceled/extended without affecting your discounts, so make sure to always select auto shipment at check out!

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