Unpublished Facebook Page

Hello everyone, Gabby here! As many of you have already noticed, Facebook has been unpublishing many of the puppy/animal pages due to PETA being a large shareholder of Facebook. Instead of employing people Facebook moderates all their content electronically, which results in both pages and personal accounts being shutdown. Even if you post a photo of a family pet, you are at risk of having your page/personal account being unpublished with no option to appeal.

Like many others, we were spammed by Facebook about every dog photo on our page within a couple hours. We were then given notice that our page was at risk of being unpublished. We quickly appealed the photos and were notified that 90% of our photos did NOT go against their standards, however, a couple photos were still not allowed (even though those photos were just photos of puppies with NO CAPTIONS LISTING “FOR SALE”).

Unfortunately our “Maltipoo Puppies” page of almost 7 years and over 7 thousand followers has now officially joined the other fallen pages. Facebook did not give us the option to appeal our pages unpublished status and we are now making a new Facebook page. This has given us the chance to make our own website and expand to all the other social media/networking platforms out there! We will be rebranding ourselves with the name Athena’s Dream House, and you guys will soon be able to see us on all the popular platforms everybody knows and loves today!

Thanks for reading everyone!

One response to “Unpublished Facebook Page”

  1. Any questions/input from other breeders experiencing these issues with Facebook/Instagram please let us know! Maybe we can all work together to change Facebook’s mind? In the meantime, if you haven’t heard of MeWe you should check them out! They are like Facebook except the do not dictate the content we publish the way Facebook does!


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